Monday, January 4, 2010

Girasole Farm

What is Girasole Farm?
Girasole Farm is Aprons to Zuchinni.
The vision I have is made of several elements, some of which I am in the process of achieving currently and some that may take about 3-5 years.
1. A garden with fresh vegetables and herbs for sale, eventually year around, and not just in the summer. I would like to, at some point, sell speciality food items from the garden to restaurants. I have been gardening for many years.
2.Variety of fresh fruits for sale.  I just recently planted a couple of dozen fruit trees and it will be a few years before they produce.
3. Aprons for adults and children.
4. Heirloom/vintage flowers, plants and  seeds.
5. Annual pumpkin patch open to the public.
6. My biggest .... A cottage store next to the garden, that carries gardening, canning supplies and bits of useful things for country living. Books on every country subject you can, gardening & canning, and little bits of country wisdom and poetry. The cottage will have a name, "Sunflower Cottage".

A place that welcomes people to come and have a country visit.
I would like to teach about food preservation, canning vegetables, fruits and making jam.

I want my office to be in a corn field, not behind a desk looking out a window. I want my daily agenda to revolve around the seasons and not a computer and a telephone.

Most of all I want this to be a family Farm too  I want to teach my grand babies about gardening, harvesting, cooking &  full moons. I want to pass traditions on to them so they can pass them on to their "little ones".

May we never forget the simplicity of living a simple country life.

"Why, land is the only thing in the world worth workin' for, worth fightin' for, worth dyin' for, because it's the only thing that lasts. "
Gerald O'Hara
Gone With The Wind (1939)
The Girasole Lady

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